Carbide Chamfer Deburring and Chamfering

SH Series Features  

Made by Super Micro carbide grain size , For Workpiece hardness within HRC55-HRC60

Workpiece:  Very Suiable For Mold Steel such as  718  S318

Suitable For Hardened Steel, Bearing Steel and Aluminum alloy.

Suitable For HDPE, Composite material and reinforced material.



Carbide Chamfer Mill

Need a chamfer mill? Check out our Chamfer Mill end mill! It’s designed for deburring and chamfering in small grooves and holes, and it improves tool life and finish for profiling and chamfering of large features. Our Chamfer Mill is a general purpose end mill with 2 or 4-flutes and is stocked uncoated and with Tisin coating. Get started with our Chamfer Mill today!








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