Carbide End Mills For Hardened Steel HRC65

Carbide End Mills For Hardened Steel HRC65



For many precision CNC engineers, machining hard materials such as tool steel, D2 or H13 hardened steel seems like a difficult challenge, today we like to share with you about MSU Carbide End Mills For Machining these high hardness steel.

1. Premium carbide grade, if work high hardness steel, the end mill cutter require Micrograin Carbide to reduce heat fluctuations on the cutting tool.

These carbide grades with high density and therefore harder wearing with extremely high heat resistance, making them perfect for machining hardened steels.

2. What kind of Coating for working hardend steel?

The coating of a tool can have a core effect on its performance during machining, below is the detailed information of Nano Coating.

Hardened steels, hardened stainless, nickel based alloys, tool steels, titanium alloys, inconel and other aerospace materials
Coating Color:
Blue / Black
Nano Composite Multi-layer
Hardness (HV 0.05)
4,181 (41 GPa)
Coefficient of Friction:
Coating Thickness (microns):
1 - 4
Max. Working Temp
2,100° F

3.Should You Machine Wet or Dry When Milling Hardened Steel?

When milling hardened steel, tool life will be higher and more consistent when cutting dry,  To most engineers this is counter intuitive as in college you are told the more lubrication the better.  However, hardened steel tools, such as our X5070 cutters, have coatings that are capable of withstanding temperatures far higher than those generated when cutting dry.