Zhuzhou MSU Industrial Tools Co.,Ltd(MSUTOOLS). 

Zhuzhou MSU Industrial Tools Co.,Ltd

carbide cutting tools. We locates in Zhuzhou, Hunan,  the largest tungsten carbide producing area in China, We take premium carbide grade and produced by advanced CNC machines, full quality inspection, the tools provided by MSUTOOLS can be against with many famous brands with competitive price advantage.

Our main products : carbide inserts, tool holders, carbide end mill, carbide drills, carbide rotary burrs, some other customized carbide wear parts and cutting tools.

 MSUTOOLS invest millions of dollars in equipment to produce hard metal over 5 years and do all the work cycle, starting from raw materials to covering with the latest furnaces technology generation coating. By right of the advantage, MSUTOOLS provide clients with the most cost-effective cutting tools and the most powerful technical support. Additionally, through the continuous accumulation over those years, MSUTOOLS integrates some domestic powerful CNC manufacturer source to keep joint inventory with batch production based on especially MSUTOOLS brand, which gets our product cost performance upgraded constantly, our clients can achieve one stop purchase for the carbide cutting tools they needed.

 We take the “quality for survival, innovation for development”  for guiding ideology, always put quality and innovation in the first place, constantly improve customer satisfaction.



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